I sat across the window
By the river
Looking at the sky
Full of wonders

When I noticed the sun
The eclipse has already began
Goosebumps strike my arm
Speechless, I become

Watching the eclipse led me to think
How Allah holds the power over everything
Yet I am the human being that has committed sins

Albeit His reminders are recited in the Quran
I treat them lightly without paying attention
The wrongdoings that I have done felt so heavy
Would there be any hopes that Allah would forgive me?

Truth to be told we are all sinners
Of the past and presents, there are sins we committed
Nevertheless, Allah the almighty,
He is full of mercy
Repent and regret those are the keys

He listens to your Sobs
Understand your pain
Repent and Regret
Leave the past behind

Hope there is
For sinners like me
Repent and Regret
Those are the keys

Written by,
Amalina Annuar


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